16th Street Mall Prototype

Denver, Colorado

Activating Denver’s historic pedestrian mall.

Denver’s 2016 prototyping festival asked the community to engage in the city building process and explore how participatory design, art and technology can build more connections between people and a greater sense of place and ownership of public spaces. Local designers, artists and makers provided prototypes that showcased exciting ideas for improving public spaces and how we use them. Prototypes were evaluated in terms of engaged users and ranking to provide recommendations for permanent installation of the 16th Street Mall.

  • Dig Studio’s Treeflexion! Installation embraced the tree canopy on the mall, allowing people to climb upon the installation.

  • Festoon lighting activated the display and directed the eye up to the trees.

  • A rendition of a monologue by Trudy Vestocky in large lettering adorns the sculpture in a puzzle-like manner to engage users, and the reverse side of the sculpture includes public seating.

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