At Dig Studio, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Justice in Design has been a collective effort by colleagues within the Denver and Phoenix offices to define what this means to us as professionals. As Landscape Architects and Planners, we are uniquely positioned to address the injustices in built environments, acknowledge historic shortfalls within our profession, and advance a framework for equity in our firm, our work, our communities, and the profession.


In recognizing systemic inequity: environmental, social, health economic and political, our responsibility as a profession is more essential and explicit than ever before. We must address and correct these inequities through every aspect of our practice, our design principles, and through education. 

Dig Studio commits to persistently listen, learn, and advocate within our firm and profession, to encourage diversity in our hiring practices, and to create an inclusive environment that promotes meaningful change. We encourage clients and consultants to commit to design equity and inclusion, to build trust within the community, to seek opportunities to collaborate and engage, and to emphasize community interest in our work to advance social justice and equity.


The framework produced and resources compiled through this initiative are ongoing and will help to define our own practice moving forward, allow us to build upon the research others have done, and share what we have learned within the greater profession.

We will be sharing more information on our DEI framework and resource documents here and on our social media channels in the coming months so that our philosophy and practices are understood.