A message from Dig Studio

A message from Dig Studio

Recently, a series of violent crimes occurred in Atlanta, San Francisco, Seattle and other cities, which has resulted in numerous deaths and serious injuries to people of Asian descent. Since the start of the COVID pandemic, hate and violence towards the Asian community has risen drastically and women are among the most vulnerable, representing 68% of violent attack survivors just this past year. Dig Studio stands in solidarity with the Asian community and we strongly condemn the violence against Asian Americans, which has flared up recently but has been going on for decades.


Our firm embraces diversity and with 20% of our staff of Asian or Asian American descent, we value the talent, contribution, and diverse perspectives they bring to our practice. We also support the greater Asian community fully as we work collectively to bring about positive change. In order to respond to the recent increases in violence and hate crimes against Asian Americans, and to support organizations working to address this issue, Dig Studio has made a $1000 contribution to ‘Stop AAPI Hate’.


Please join us to learn, donate, and speak up so we can #StopAsianHate. Below are some useful resources:


Washington Post: Perspective | ‘It’s race, class and gender together’: Why the Atlanta killings aren’t just about one thing


CNN: Opinion: To be an Asian woman in America


The New York Times: How Racism and Sexism Intertwine to Torment Asian-American Women


Congress hearing: U.S. House Judiciary Committee | Discrimination and Violence Against Asian Americans


Link to donate: