16th Street Mall Renovation

Denver, Colorado

Restoring an iconic civic corridor.

The 16th Street Mall is among the most iconic places in Denver, recognized for its high quality design, enduring materials, and value as a civic space and is officially recognized as eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. The project had a host of expectations for the renovation, among them first and foremost to address deteriorating infrastructure and deliver a solution that allows reasonable maintenance. Additionally, the redesign needed to improve safety for pedestrians and vehicles, and increase opportunities for public use of the Mall as a space for leisure, commerce and social engagement.

Granite pavers will continue be part of the historic signature paving pattern, but with an improved drainage system and more surface friction. Ten feet of unobstructed sidewalk space will front both sides of the Mall shuttle. A sustainable tree canopy will be integrated into the replacement of underground utilities, creating a resilient space for what will become the largest installation of trees in a suspended paving system in the state of CO.

  • An intensive communications program with business owners will occur through the duration of the project to keep them informed of project schedule and resources.

  • Block by block construction will keep the majority of the mall open for pedestrians and bus traffic.

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