Heron Pond / Carpio-Sanguinette Park Master Plan + Design

Denver, Colorado

Denver’s largest natural park.

“Dig Studios was a fun and collaborative team to work with on the Heron Pond/Heller/Carpio- Sanguinette Master Plan. Every team member brought innovative ideas that shaped the plan. I am excited to continue working with Dig Studios on the phase I design.”
Cinceré Eades, City of Denver
  • The park is the largest of five Natural Areas in the Denver Park system, providing access to nature for a community in an urban / industrial area.

  • Contributes habitat and wetland for the adjacent South Platte River and provides a regional stormwater quality facility serving over 650-acres of tributary area.

  • Five character zones unify the park, and are uniquely activated to respond to a range of program goals.

The Heron Pond Master Plan was a joint effort by Dig Studio with the City and County of Denver Department of Parks & Recreation, Denver Public Works and the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative to re-envision and unify multiple city properties into one unified 80-acre park. The parcels were long neglected and abused but collectively have become a beautiful island of natural open space within an urban, industrial context. The master plan aims to reconnect people to this former brownfield site, while allowing nature to continue its quest for renewal.

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