Pioneer Park

Mesa , Arizona

An iconic play experience.

“Pioneer Park is the place our community gathers. I am so proud of the diligent work in both preserving the historic aspects of the park while ushering in a new generation of fun.”
Mayor John Giles, City of Mesa
  • The design uses the ‘Legacy Trees’ as a form giver and focal point by creating park spaces and a play experience that engage the trees and highlight their beauty.

  • The new forest to the east side of the park will create an amazing environment for new and existing park functions.

  • The dynamic spaces are all stitched together by an innovative adaptation of the historic central spine of the park, highlighted by a new central water plaza and iconic shade canopy.

Dig Studio was selected by the City of Mesa as the Prime consultant and lead design firm for the $6 million dollar improvements project to Pioneer Park. Pioneer Park is one of the oldest parks in the east valley and is a critical open space for the community and Mesa’s reinvigorated downtown. The park has several historic features and monuments, but it’s identity is tied to the network of legacy trees throughout the park.

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