50th Street Station

Phoenix, Arizona

A safe, comfortable, and accessible station.

50th Street Station
50th Street Station
  • Lowered sidewalks eliminate a multitude of sharp ramp conditions.

  • A widened platform cross section allows for easier passage of two wheelchairs.

  • Artist collaboration resulted in a series of design principles and site narrative of water and vegetation in the desert to create a cohesive design intended to provide respite in the arid Arizona climate.

The new 50th Street Light Rail Station began as a result of the winning concept for the Mayor’s ‘Phoenix Innovation Games—Streetscape Design Challenge’. The competition entry design serves local businesses, and provides convenience for riders traveling to Ability360, an organization providing independent lifestyle resources for people with disabilities and serving as a catalyst for the development of the new station.


As Landscape Architect and Urban Designer on the project, Dig Studio worked with the City of Phoenix and Valley Metro to analyze their existing systems and find ways to integrate structural changes that would make a significant difference in the quality of the experience for disable transit riders.

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