Cranmer Park Residence

Denver, Colorado

Landscape for a historic Italianate mansion.

  • The project won the 2011 CCASLA Honor Award for Residential Design.

  • Although the landscape was a restoration, it was included in the Historic Designation for the house.

  • The house was originally built in 1971 by J.B.B Benedict for the Manger of Parks and Recreation—George Cranmer.

  • One of the three original elm trees is designated as a Denver Champion Tree.

Perched on the high point of Denver’s Cranmer Park, the landscape surrounding the historic Italianate mansion responds simply and elegantly to the renowned Jacques Benedict’s architecture. Designed and constructed in three distinct phases over 12 years, the site design organizes spaces and uses in response to four aspects of its environment, while cultivating functional outdoor spaces that support the owners’ lifestyle and aesthetic. The end result enhances the aesthetics of the overall property and cements the home as an iconic Denver landmark within Cranmer Park.

Cranmer Park Residence

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