ASU Polytechnic Campus

Mesa, Arizona

Resilient. Responsible. Social.

  • An innovative, mixed-use undergraduate residence hall.

  • The site is 100% self-retained. Roof water is collected and the vertical and horizontal movement of water is highlighted throughout.

  • LEED-accredited.

Taking cues from the existing ASU Polytechnic Campus language, the design of the new student housing site weaves exterior spaces into the existing campus fabric through materiality and water sensitive design. Carefully crafted moments occur throughout that highlight water movement and respond to our desert climate: a large multipurpose scrim that carries roof water down to a landscape trough provides shade protection from the harsh western sun, bioswales direct stormwater to legacy trees, and a water quality garden features recycled concrete-filled gabion walls. The social program is layered into all spaces, encouraging the interaction among students throughout the day.

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