Young Mind Community Center

Phoenix, Arizona

A vibrant and inclusive learning environment.

  • A program and a design that combines the functions of a clinic and school while establishing a gathering space for the community.

  • Sensory walks, wall panels, vegetable and butterfly gardens become elements of a learning and play environment.

Young Mind Community Center brings together clinical expertise in autism and excellence in early childhood education. Dig Studio worked closely with the client to develop a program and design that supported the functions of the clinic and preschool while doubling as a community focused gathering space.

The design of the courtyard created a multi-age, cost efficient environment that helped facilitate therapy and the development of those served by the community center. From sensory play to social play, nature play and horticultural experiences, a variety of programmable spaces offer flexibility for maximum usability of the space. Sensory walks and wall panels, vegetable and butterfly gardens, and a custom built metallaphone combine with vibrant play features to create an immersive play and learning environment that stimulates the senses

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